Fen Edge Archaeology Group (FEAG)

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Fen Edge Archaeology Group was formed in 2008 and our principal aim is to promote further understanding of the archaeology in the parishes of Willingham, Rampton, Cottenham, Landbeach and Waterbeach in South Cambridgeshire. The group takes its name from its origins in the Fen Edge Community Association.

P1000895FEAG is an active archaeological society.

Talks - These are scheduled from September through to June and are open to the public. They are held at Cottenham Village College or at the Baptist Church in Willingham or at Rampton Village Hall or at Landbeach Village Hall.

Talks for 2019 :-

16 January      Sam Leggett, Evidence for diet in Anglo-Saxon England

14 February      Jody Joy, Shining light on an old treasure : the Iron Age hoards from Snettisham, Norfolk

5 March      Neil Wilkin, The great gold torc : a 'new' Middle Bronze Age torc from near Ely (at Willingham Baptist Church)

11 April      Michael Rivera, Bones on the beach : human evolution and osteoarchaeology in coastal environments

15 May      Andy Peachey, Archaeology along the East Anglia ONE cable route: changing the landscape of the River Deben Valley in East Suffolk

14 June      Alison Dickens, Sites in a landscape: ongoing investigations at Northstowe (at Rampton Village Hall)

5 September      Alyx Mattison, Searching for the Anglo-Norman criminal: the Conquest, capital punishment and deviant burial practices

2 October      Craig Cessford, Excavating medieval cemeteries in Cambridgeshire: the After the Plague project and rural/village sites (at Landbeach Village Hall)

22 November      Duncan Wright, Medieval settlement and conflict on the fen-edge (at Rampton Village Hall)


Site Visits - These are arranged to museums, archaeological digs etc.

Excavations - The group continues to investigate a fen edge Romano-British site in the summer. Shown in the photograph above is a Roman brooch fresh out of the ground from the 2014 dig.

Practical Workshops - We have an ongoing programme, usually meeting once a month.  

See our blog for more information or contact the Secretary if you are interested in being involved: feaginfo@gmail.com.