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At FRAG you will find a lively and friendly archaeology group interested to learn more about the people who have lived in and around Peterborough over many centuries.

We are predominantly enthusiastic amateurs but we work with expert archaeologists. The experts lead our community excavations, and they are available to train us in best practice techniques.

Our primary focus is the Fane Road site in the northern part of Peterborough where we have uncovered a large Roman villa.

The Peterborough area has been an attractive place for people to live since prehistoric times. Flag Fen and Must Farm highlight the populations living at the Fen edge in Bronze Age and Iron Age times. Durobrivae was one of the largest Roman settlements in the country – centre of extensive pottery and iron-making industries. The Cathedral provides a continuous record of occupation and prominence on a national level since 655AD. And there is more modern historical legacy associated with city’s expansion as a railway and engineering centre.

FRAG has a regular schedule of meetings. These talks and workshops aim to inform you about local archaeology and relevant archaeological techniques. Our meetings take place every month or two and are usually held at the Parkway Sports and Social Club in Maskew Avenue.

There are usually opportunities each year for members to participate in excavations at Fane Road or other local sites.

During the summer we arrange periodic visits to nearby archaeological sites with knowledgeable guides.

Members can attend FRAG lectures free of charge and they receive periodic e-newsletters with more information about local archaeology.

We work closely with other history and archaeology groups to make it easy for everyone to find out about excavations, meetings and activities in the area.