This five-year Heritage Lottery Funded project is a joint venture by Oxford Archaeology East and Cambridgeshire County Council. Other partners include Huntingdonshire District Council and the Council for British Archaeology.

Jigsaw brings together all of Cambridgeshire’s interested groups and individuals participating in community archaeology. This new network allows the sharing of skills, expertise and knowledge.

Archaeology Action Groups
Jigsaw intends to set up at least one new community archaeology group in each of Cambridgeshire's five Districts. Jigsaw will give these new groups the skills needed to investigate their local heritage and discover more about the past beneath their feet.

Affiliated Groups
Jigsaw is not only a project for new groups. Existing local societies and groups interested in their heritage can become affiliated to Jigsaw. As well as being supported by the Community Archaeologists, these groups can access the training workshops and borrow equipment.

Even if you are not interested in becoming involved in a group, do not be put off!  As volunteers, individuals can also become involved in Jigsaw - you can attend the workshops and meet other like-minded people interested in archaeology and the past.

For more information, please look at our leaflet.