CASThe Cambridge Antiquarian Society was founded in 1840 to provide access for local people to the local history, architecture and archaeology of Cambridgeshire (which now includes the old County of Huntingdon and the new Unitary Authority of Peterborough).

We undertake to:

  • *  comment on proposals by the Local Authorities.
  • *  represent the interest of local history, archaeology and architecture
  •     within the County.
  • *  provide representatives to local bodies such as Archives Advisory Panel.
  • *  provide a representative to the Council for British Archaeology.
  • *  comment on Listed Buildings applications.
  • Among other benefits, members are eligible to attend the annual programme of monthly lectures, are entitled to a reduced fee for the Society's annual spring conference, and receive a copy of the Society's annual publications. The society holds full day conferences in February and November which are very well-attended by professional and community archaeologists from across the county.

For more information, check out the website or contact the Secretary: