Jigsaw has all the necessary equipment to enable local groups to investigate their own archaeology.  Excavation, survey and recording tools are available for loan (free of charge) to those participating in the project (affiliated societies, Archaeology Action Groups and registered volunteers).

A current list of the Equipment Resource that Jigsaw groups and volunteers may borrow can be found here.

Those wishing to borrow equipment should read our Guide to Borrowing the Jigsaw Equipment Resource and complete the online booking form, or paper agreement and send it in to us at the usual address..

Some items in the equipment resource may only be borrowed after completion of relevant Jigsaw training courses. Please contact the Jigsaw Office for more information.

Jigsaw also has a small reference library, which can be accessed at our Bar Hill office. Oxford Archaeology East has a much more considerable library which can also be referenced at our Bar Hill office, although none of the books may be taken off the premises.


Consumables are available for Jigsaw groups and volunteers to purchase. Items were purchased by Jigsaw in bulk and are available for sale at cost-value in small or large amounts as groups require. Please complete the Consumables Order Form to make your request, providing dates you are available to collect the equipment from Bar Hill.

Item Cost each
Finds bags 4 x 5.5” 2.4p
Finds bags 5 x 7” 3p
Finds bags 8 x 11” 5p
Tyvek labels 7p
Wire-Sitched box (longbone) £5.80
Wire-Sitched box (skull) £3.19
Finds Conservation  
Plastazote Foam (5mm) 78 x 52cm quarters £2.59
Plastazote Foam (3mm) 78 x 52cm quarters £1.84
Crystal box small rectangular 79x47x21 58p
Crystal box small square 73x73x52 £1.15
Crystal box medium rectangular 139x79x60 £2.38
Stewart box small 0.75l £2.34
Stewart box medium 2.25ml £3
Stewart box large 3.75l £5
Acid-free tissue paper – 50 x75cm 4p
Paraloid B72 fixative £11.92
Conservation adhesive £32.40
Vinyl gloves – medium  6p pair
Vinyl hypo-allergenic gloves – large  6p pair
Vinyl  hypo-allergenic gloves – extra large 6p pair
Nitrile gloves – medium 11p pair
Nitrile gloves – large 11p pair
Humidity Indicator Cards £2.34
Silica Gel 100g stitched £1.26
Site Stationery  
Permatrace – gridded A3  70p
Roll permatrace ungridded – 90 x 55cm (plane table size)  £2.50
6H pencils  85p
Artline 70 waterproof pens (fat)  £1.59
Artline 700 waterproof pens (thin)  £1.56