Jigsaw began as a Heritage Lottery Funded project, designed to support and develop community archaeology in Cambridgeshire. It has proven to be a great success and a template for community archaeology across the country. Although the HLF term of the project came to an end in 2016, Oxford Archaeology East and Cambridgeshire County Council continue to provide professional advice and support to all of the societies affiliated to Jigsaw and maintain the resources bought and developed during the project.


IMG 20170702 093410 cropClemency Cooper - Oxford Archaeology's Community Archaeology Manager

As Oxford Archaeology's Community Archaeology Manager, I develop and support all educational and community work across the company involving volunteers, educational institutions and the general public.

From June 2016, I have been the main point of contact beween the the public, local community and professional archaeologists for the Jigsaw Cambridgeshire project. My role is to advise and support groups and involve volunteers in exploring their local heritage. I also continue to manage the Jigsaw community equipment and guidance notes developed during the first five years of the project.


Project Board

Stephen Macaulay - Jigsaw Project Manager

Hi, I'm Stephen Macaulay the Jigsaw Community Archaeology Project Manager.  It's my role to make sure Jigsaw delivers its objectives and we maximise the opportunities to get as many people involved and enjoying community archaeology in Cambridgeshire.  Since coming to Cambridge in 1992, I have worked to deliver public archaeology throughout the county and I see the Jigsaw project as the next piece in our long history of public and community engagement.



Quinton Carroll - Historic Environment Team Manager, Cambridgeshire

I head up the County Council's Historic Environment Team, partners of OA East for this project. My role is to ensure that the project delivers the

council's own requirements as well as looking for opportunities within Cambridgeshire's archaeological community for closer working.



Sally Croft - Senior Archaeologist, Cambridgeshire HER

I manage the Cambridgeshire Historic Environment Record (CHER), the most comprehensive source of information on archaeological sites and finds in the modern county of Cambridgeshire. My role is to support Jigsaw participants to research and record Cambridgeshire's past.




Jigsaw 2011-2016

During the HLF term of Jigsaw, Oxford Archaeology East appointed two Community Archaeologists who provided access to information, training and equipment, helped to develop community resources, and produced a series of Jigsaw Community Archaeology Best Practice Users Guides. Without the effort and support from Jo and Jemima the Jigsaw project would not have been possible let alone as successful as it was.

jo richards

Joanna Richards - Jigsaw Community Archaeology Officer

As senior project officer for Jigsaw, Jo was one of the two main points of contact between the community and the professional archaeology service. She developed the involvement of groups and volunteers, provided support, advice and guidance and co-ordinated training during the five year HLF term of the project.



jemima woolverton

Jemima Woolverton - Jigsaw Community Archaeologist

Jemima assisted Jo in working wtih affiliated archaeological societies, organising training courses and creating new Archaeological Action

Groups. She was also responsible for updating the website and other online media during the five year HLF term of the project.