girl power resDid you know that Kings Hedges has its very own Roman villa, and that Carlton Way follows the course of a Roman road? Or that a Bronze Age hoard was found in Chesterton? Jigsaw now has an Archaeology Action Group in Arbury, Kings Hedges and Chesterton, called CamDig. Membership is £15 per individual or £20 per family/household per year.

As well as looking at old maps and plotting archaeological discoveries, we have been on several Jigsaw training courses, had a stall at Arbury Carnival and had plenty of hands on archaeology experience.

We have conducted two different surveys of Arbury Primary School playing field: Resistivity and Magnetometry, which helped Oxford Archaeology decide where to dig with the pupils. 

We're also carrying out test pitting in the local area, so far finding Roman and early medieval pottery and a worked flint tool at least 4000 years old, significantly, the earliest recorded activity from that area.

In November 2016, we helped Oxford Archaeology East with their excavation at the medieval Leper Chapel in Cambridge.

We meet on the second Tuesday of each month, at 7:30pm at No. 37 Lawrence Way Community Centre, Campkin Road, Cambridge, CB4 2PR. The building has recently been renamed Kings Hedges Neighbourhood Partnership.

We use our evening meetings to discuss what we've found, share things we've learned, and to plan the next dig. Meetings normally last for about two hours. Your first meeting is free.

For more information about the group, please email or take a look at our website at

Next meeting: 7:30pm on 09/05/17 at 37 Lawrence Way, Cambridge, CB4 2PR.