Jo Richards at Gransden Jo and Jemima had a fab time at Grandsden Show on Saturday. Beyond admiring very well groomed cows and frisky sheep, we also enjoyed talking to lots of people about archaeology in Cambridgeshire, talking about artefacts excavated locally in recent yearsand helping children have a go at archaeology. We met a number of people who were really interested in joining Jigsaw.

Tuesday 20 Sept: First site visit for the JIGSAW team! Jemima went out to Bill Hughes' site down in South Cambs to look at his Roman bathhouse. Very interesting! And a nice bit of mosaic. Wasn't expecting to be offered a choice of champagne or red wine as part of a site visit! Didn't know archaeology could be so glamorous...

Well, so here we are! The project is now underway, with the two new Community Archaeologists starting work this week.

We are Jo Richards and Jemima Woolverton, and we are here to help you piece together your past.

In the next few months we will be meeting up with existing archaeological societies in Cambridgeshire to see if they would like to be affiliated with JIGSAW, and starting new Archaeology Action Groups for individuals and groups not currently part of a group who are interested in researching the archaeology of their area.

We will also be setting up a FREE Equipment Resource for groups to use, containing all sorts of things used for carrying out excavations (including geophysics equipment).

We will also be setting up Training Opportunities for people to learn more specific archaeological techniques and methodologies, e.g. artefact identification, aerial photography, building recording and much much more...

So watch this space! We will be updating you. NB: the website is still in construction so we will be changing and updating it regularly.

Please get in contact if you would like to be involved!

We had a great time meeting representatives from Cambridgeshire's history societies at the Cherry Hinton Festival on Saturday! It was also great to meet members of the public interested in getting involved with archaeology in their area. If you are intersted in joining an Archaeology Action Group in your area, do let us know!

...or catch us at Great Gransden agricultural show this Saturday...