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Well, summer seems to be on the way out, so we thought we'd flag up some highlights of activities over the summer:

In July, GamArch excavated two testpits in Gamlingay. They found hardcore in one (interesting because we weren't expecting it). In the other we found an extremely large number of finds, ranging from the very modern (plastic figurines), to the very old (Saxon pottery) and the very random (a sythe!). Do check out some of the photos. They plan to conduct some more systematic fieldwalking over the autumn.

In August, Warboys Archaeology Project excavated some testpits on a piece of land they had previously conducted plane-table and geophysical survey on. Much to everyone's surprise (except Roger, who seems to have sixth sense) they found a beautiful floor-surface under a layer of building rubble! They plan to return to uncover more of it in the future. Do check out the photos.

We also held our 'Metal Detecting Policy and Practical' course, which was well-attended. It was great to learn about good metal detecting policy from Helen Fowler, Finds Liaison Officer, and also to learn how to discern differerent metal types on the test bed of Peter Dight, local metal detectorist (see picture). Jigsaw now has its own low-middle range metal-detector, available for Jigsaw groups to borrow.

What have you been up to over the summer? Do send in your stories and photos.

Looking ahead, this Saturday we are holding two Fieldwalking courses, now fully-booked!