This month, we're adding to the list of online archaeological resources to help you to pursue your interest and conduct research from home.
Please note that this will be the last bulletin for the forseeable future - due to staff furloughing. We hope to return to delivering you the latest community archaeology news and event in and around Cambridgeshire as soon as possible. 

Nautical Archaeology Society
The Nautical Archaeology Society has a free online lunchtime talk series on Tuesdays at 12:30pm:
Career in Ruins Podcast
Learn about what archaeology is really all about and how people work within it:
Introduction to Standards and Guidance in Archaeological Practice
Best practice guidance for community involvement with archaeology, developed by the Council for British Archaeology, Historic England and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists:
Society of Antiquaries YouTube Channel
The socities mission is to encourage and advance the study and knowledge of the antiquities and history, and many of their lectures are available to watch on YouTube:
Children in the Viking Age Teaching Guide
A pack of worksheets, slides and background for teaching 5-8 year olds about childhood during the Viking period:
Hidden Depths
Resources using archaeological evidence to engage young people about what it means to be human, and how assumptions about human nature affect their lives, mental health and wellbeing:
Internet Archaeology Journal
An open access peer-reviewed digital journal for archaeology:
Oxford Archaeology Online Library
Search the OA online library to discover free publications, grey literature client reports and supporting archives produced by Oxford Archaeology:
Council for British Archaeology Books and Publications
The CBA have temporarily made all of their publications available to download for free: