Ever wanted a quick and easy way to notify the Cambridgeshire Historic Environment Record of your discoveries, or to ask permission prior to starting some research? Jigsaw Cambridgeshire in conjunction with CHER have created an HER Report Form which you can use to provide CHER with any of the following information:

* You have discovered a new site not on the HER
* You would like to amend an existing record on the HER
* You are about to start a research project (e.g. survey, excavation)
* You are in the middle of a research project and would like to give an interim report
* You have completed a piece of research and would like to notify the HER before submitting a report

Please use the form to report recent work you or your society has conducted (or any work that's never been reported!).

NB: It is not designed for the reporting of individual finds including those from metal detecting (these should be reported directly to Helen Fowler of the Portable Antiquities Scheme: Helen.Fowler@cambridgeshire.gov.uk). It is also not designed to be a substitute for a full report of your findings, which will still need to be submitted, but it does mean that the HER team will hear about your findings earlier than they may have otherwise done.

The form can be found here.