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Mon 6th

After yesterday's site cleaning, today saw our first serious excavation of archaeological features. Three trenches contain large ditches containing Medieval shellyware and lots of bone. In particular, Area 2 has uncovered a very large ditch, and so far we've only uncovered one side of it, and we suspect the other side (2m away!) may still be under the baulk. We're looking forward to finding out, and digging up more Medieval cow and horse bones in the meantime!

Our most puzzling trench remains Trench 1, which has a layer of modern burning and redeposited natural intermixed with building debris. We're trying to understand this before we take this layer off. On either side of this deposition layer we've found what may be one, very wide, ditch running underneath this modern dump. Some hard mattocking has also uncovered what may be several individual features cut into the natural. Only time will tell - looking forward to finding out tomorrow!

Despite a bit of rain, today has been great fun, what with the antics of Alex and John, a caged Hayley, and Simon's walkie talkies aiding cross-field communication!

We're going to start finds washing tomorrow, so hoping to post some juicy pictures of pot in the next blog post.

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