We had the third meeting of our new North Cambridge group on Tuesday, and had a good turnout of eleven people. We voted to change the name of the group from 'North Cambridge Archaeology Group' (which isn't very catchy) to 'Cambridge Diggers' or 'CamDig' for short. This gives us more scope to branch out into other areas of Cambridge should we so wish.

Attendees heard a short presentation by Al Hunter of St Ives Archaeology Group (STAG) about how he and others set up STAG this time last year, what paperwork was required, and what archaeological activities they have conducted since then. It's impressive to see how much can be achieved in such a short space of time. CamDig have now set up a Steering Group who will create the group set-up paperwork before our meeting on 13th May, with a view to taking out an insurance policy to conduct a geophysical survey in late May.

We will also be manning a stall at the Arbury Carnival on Sat 14th June, so do come and meet us then!

For more information about the group, contact Jemima.