The first meeting of the Advisory Group will be tomorrow, Tuesday 16th July at 7pm.

The Advisory Group is comprised of the Steering Committee (Stephen Macaulay, OAE; Quinton Carroll, CCC; Sally Croft, CCC; Jo Richards, Jigsaw; Jemima Woolverton, Jigsaw) and one member from every affiliated group or new Archaeology Action Group.

The Advisory Group meetings will:
* provide an opportunity for the Steering Committee to outline and explain the direction of Jigsaw
* allow group representatives to feedback on their experiences of the project so far
* discuss what groups require in the way of training and support

Depending on the success of the first meeting, the group will meet biannually. Each group can choose their representative: this could be a group leader or a group member, and it does not have to be the same person at every meeting, although this would be helpful for continuity.

We hope these meetings will allow the Steering Committee to explain the aims and objectives of Jigsaw to the Jigsaw Community, and provide a forum for the Jigsaw Community to contribute to decisions about the future activities of the project.