Spring may not be springing with any alacrity, but Jigsaw is still busy and our first 'summer' projects are beginning. Tomorrow we are going to Warboys for two days to teach members of the Warboys Archaeology Project how to conduct resistivity geophysics and plane-table surveying. They have already received some training from members of the Huntingdon U3A Archaeology group in plane-table surveying, who in turn were trained by Nicholas James last August at one of our Jigsaw training courses!

Our new Archaeology Action Groups, St Ives Archaeology Group (STAG) and RamArch (Ramsey) are busily wading through group formation paperwork and planning their first group archaeology projects for this summer. We are greatly enjoying working with them!

Our next Jigsaw training courses are on Saturday 13th April: 'Medieval Pottery Identification' in the morning, and 'First Aid for Finds' in the afternoon. Both courses are fully booked, with a considerable waiting list for the 'First Aid for Finds' course.